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finally we have found another Country Gentleman with all the features of George Harrison's second "Gent", the most famous one, the guitar he used on many Beatles live shows and recordings, since the appearance at the 'Ed Sullivan Show' in February '64.  Country Gentlemen production was dramatically increased after that historical performance, but ironically very soon the model dropped many of the distinctive features of the Beatle's guitar... Last year we had two '64 Gents will 100% Harrison specs, see our archive, and this one is even older. So it has all the "right" features: two FilterTrons (not one FilterTron and one SuperTron), double flip-up mute with red felt-pads under lever controls (and not the later single mute),  Grover Imperial tuners (instead of later "Kidney-Buttons"), pickguard with a plain Gretsch logo (without model's name), serial number on the golden plate on the headstock front (and not impressed in the wood on the headstock back). 
The guitar is completely original, in excellent overall conditions, no action prolems, good original frets, functional and original electronics, no structural problems, no neck-set problems. Finish is in good shape, with a worn spot on the neck and the typical lacquer reaction under the back-pad.... invisible, though, unless the pad is removed. Not too much checking, but finish doesn't look very glossy in some areas, maybe due to a long time spent in the case or in a not ideal environment. Gold-plated parts show wear, and gold is completely gone on pickup covers, knobs and Bigsby bar, and on the straight-bar bridge. Plating is a little better on the V Gretsch-by-Bigsby plate, and on the Imperial tuners. Switches are working properly, but they have rust on their scew-on tips. This guitar has been PLAYED, no questions about it... Cosmetically, the biggest problem is binding material deterioration, and there are many points where binding has been replaced or reglued, and the result is not always good in my opinion. 
Said that, this is a very rare, precious, beautiful, collectible and good-sounding guitar... and I don't know when we'll be able to find another one... It comes with a good vintage case, sold to us as original, but non-original in our opinion. Many more pictures available below, please open one at a time:
gentleman - body1 - body2 - body3 - back - body back - headstock - headstock det - top - knobs - pickups - bigsby1 - bigsby2 - switches - back cover - neck1 - neck2 - binding1 - binding2 - binding3