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'Walnut': one of the most sought-after Gretsches! This guitar has ALL the specs of the model used by the late great George Harrison in his Ed Sullivan Show appearance in 1964, and has a lower serial number than the other 6122 already shown on these pages, still visible in our archive and in our Playmate section. These features include: double mute with red felter pads under lever switches, two  FilterTron pickups (later that year the FilterTron + SuperTron combo would be introduced), pickguard with only Gretsch logo (no signature, no model name), serial number on golden metal plate on the face of the headstock (instead of impressed on the back), beautiful gold-plated Grover Imperials (instead of later Kidney-button Grovers). So this guitar is 100% Harrison.... Of course it has all the remaining 6122 specs, such as: circuitry with two volumes + master, pickup and tone selector switches, stand-by switch, gold hardware, ebony fretboard with 'thumbprint' inlays, etc.
And if you thought it was difficult to see a cleaner example than the one already shown in this list, you were wrong: this guitar is in spectacular condition, very few traces of wear, except for some binding areas which have been reglued (all original parts have been kept and reinstalled), and some gold plating wear (knobs, pickups). In the "det" picture, I have also tried to document a small damaged spot in the finish, completely hidden by the backpad, due to the 'reaction' with the plastic of the backpad itself, a very common problem that we had also met on the previous Country Gentleman, and on the last '64 6120 we have had.
Original Standby switch hangtag, and paper label with Gretsch model and serial numbers.
Original hardshell case in exceptionally fine condition, just some oxidation on the latches. 
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