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another great guitar in a rare and desirable custom-color. Neck date is August 1965, pots date is 1965. Pearl-dot rosewood fretboard, bound neck typical of second half of '65: just like the other Jaguar you see in this list, this one too has the old-style Kluson Deluxe 'double-line' tuners, typical of pre-CBS Jags. This instrument is fully original: electronics, pickups, potentiometers, etc. The hardware still has original vibrato arm, mute and bridge cover: nothing is missing here! Exceptionally fine condition, and the finish is original, beautiful, shiny and unfaded. A few traces of checking on the body,  a few small dings that show the white undercoat, but as you see from the pictures there is no major ding or scratch, no belt-buckle wear. A small area on the back near the strap button shows some yellowing of the clear lacquer, probably due to the time spent insided of the case (the case itself shows some humidity sign in that point): but, again, it is a very small area, and it's a very minor damage that doesn't dectract anything from the guitar beauty and cleanness. The neck shows a little more checking and some normal playing-wear. Also on the front of the headstock there is some light finish-checking. The guitar is really gorgeous, rare, with a fantastic action, and plays and sounds great. It comes with its beautiful original black-tolex hardshell case. More pictures here:

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