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sunburst, 100% original. A very special Jazz Bass in more than excellent conditions, with full PRE-CBS specs including a wonderful unbound rosewood fretboard with pearl dots, tortoise plastic binding, old-style tuners, gold transition logo. Neck date is October '65, "A" neck-width, the three potentiometers are dated 42nd week of '65, the grey-bottom pickups have a November 27th '65 date. Thin and light alder body with a very nice sunburst finish in excellent condition, with normal checking, some edge-wear and a worn area on the upper horn. The back is very very clean, no heavy belt buckle wear. The neck is fantastic, with some honest playing wear and a beautiful and thick rosewood curved board (maybe refretted) with the original nut. Lots of checking on the headstock front and back. The old rubber spacers in the pickup cavities are still in place, but there are also new spacers to allow pickups' height adjustments. The only real imperfection, clearly shown in the pictures, is another strap-button hole added on the body heel.  
All the parts are original, including circuitry, finger-rest, pickguard, tuners, bridge and saddles, etc. There are also both the chrome pickup and bridge covers!
Excellent playability, great action. And the fantastic '60s Jazz Bass sound, powerful, deep, defined, versatile. An exceptional instrument, and I really hope it will end in the hands of a playing musician, instead of being hung to a collector's wall! 
Original black-tolex hardshell case with no-underline Fender logo, in excellent condition except for a broken lock.

front1 - front2 - in case - body1 - body2 - body3 - body4 - back - body back - headstock - logo - knobs - bridge - neck - pickup1 - pickup2 - pots1 - pots2 - neck date - neck pocket - tuners - jack - neck pocket 2 - wear - nut - hole - case