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sunburst, all original. A perfect instrument in exceptional condition. A very nice early 70s Jazz Bass with the old-style 4-bolt neck construction. Yes, the finish isn't the nitro anymore, but the three tone sunburst is still gorgeous, and the instrument's weight is more than acceptable. Everything is fully original and works perfectly. No modifications, no touch ups. Hardware and electronics are untouched, and the only signs of time are a small belt-buckle wear spot on the back and light oxidation traces on the Fender-logo tuners. Nicely figured rosewood fretboard, with pearl blocks and white binding. The F-stamped 4-bolt neckplate bears a 1972 serial number, but pots are dated 43rd week of 1973 and there is a 74 stamped on the pickup bottom-plate, so I think that this bass left Fender factory in late 1973 or early '74. It has the classic 4-bolts sound which shaped '900 music history. This Jazz Bass has both original pickup and bridge covers, and the original finger-rest. Original black tolex hardshell case with Fender logo as used since '66 in very nice condition.

body1 - body2 - body3 - back - body back - headstock - in case - tuner - neck pocket - bridge - pickup1 - pickup2 - knobs - logo - pots - case