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sunburst, 100% original. Beautiful instrument, with all the classic features that made of Fender JB a legend. Dots on Brazilian rosewood unbound fretboard, pots all dated '65, neck date September '65, with both pickup & bridge covers, original 'finger-rest', tortoise-plastic pickguard. Back shows some belt-buckle wear, and the heavy right hand of the previous owner has left a sign in the wood near the lower horn on the top... Some US dealer would call that 'vibe', but we prefer to call it wear. Honest and normal for the instrument's age, but it IS wear. Said that, it is a wonderful bass with a breath-taking look, great playability and the classic voice that made music history in the past 40 years, in excellent conditions and with all-original parts. Original black-tolex hardshell case. Many more details? Click on the following links one at a time

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