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FENDER TELECASTER maple cap, 1967

blond. Another wonderful mid-'60s Tele, this one also has all '65 features (Transition Logo, Kluson tuners, etc.) plus a great maple-cap neck. This feature gives the guitar an almost-'50s look, via a "maple on maple" fingerboard glued to the neck, and it differs from the older one-piece maple necks for the absence of the Skunk-Stripe on the back. Of course this contrasting-colour wood stripe once used to cover the truss-rod routing, wasn't necessary any more, since the truss-rod was inserted from the front of the neck, before the fingerboard was glued.
Neck date: June 1967 (3 JUN 67 B), potentiometers date:  one is '63 (304 6329), and the other maybe '67, but the only thing we can read is 304 6xxx because the other digits are covered by the solder joint, but is definitely a '60 pot.
Untouched original neck-pickup, but the penciled date is almost completely hidden by a piece of masking tape, the same kind you see on the other '67 Tele in this list, but there is no doubt about its date and originality. 
All original guitar, except for a perfect and professional re-fretting job, with correct frets. Probably also the nut has been changed. Other than that, everything is completely original: wires, circuitry, pots, knobs, selector switch, pickups, Kluson De Luxe double-line tuners, a very clean transition logo, bridge, saddles, bridge cover, etc. etc. Brilliant, bright and aggressive sound, really great.
Conditions: I would let pictures speak, there are many online, ... but anyway: classic maple fretboard wear, perfect frets. Wear on body edges (pictured), but no belt-buckle wear.... There is some fading (from blond to almost white) in the areas where the guitar was held, between the player's body and arm, in a seated position. Some white pick-wear next to the bridge plate. Normal neck wear. I would rate it in a  8.5/10 condition, or an Excellent, a used but non-abused, all original and great-sounding guitar. Original black tolex hardshell case with a broken Fender logo.

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