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GRETSCH 6120 Chet Atkins NASHVILLE, 1972

A very interesting one-of-a-kind guitar. Basically it's a '60s style double cutaway 6120 Nashville, built as Gretsch was introducing the new 70s version with open F sound-holes, squared-off pickguard and Burns Gear-Box at the base of the neck. NOT one of such features is shown on this guitar, which nevertheless has many unique specifications. The body has the classic '60s back-pad, but under it there is NO access-hole to electric circuitry! But unlike '70s Nashvilles that had open soundholes, this one has painted-on fake Fs, so the only way to have access to the circuitry is through the pickup holes. The back pad on this guitar has only a cosmetic function! Another unique feature is the lack of the string mute with its lever and knob, typical of a '70s Nashville but never found on a '60s-style double cut 6120. Now: if the body was conceived as a 70s Nashville with no mute and no back-access to the circuitry, it should have had OPEN soundholes.... if it was conceived as a '60s Nashville with fake-Fs, it should have had both mute and back-access door. All these features make  of it a really rare and unique instrument. 
Pickguard is still the old-style rounded type, bridge is the original space-roller with ebony base, knobs are Baldwin-era aluminum G/arrows, tailpiece is the classic Gretch-by-Bigsby vibrato, fretboard is the typical '60s zero-fret equipped neoclassic ebony board with thumbprint inlays. The control layout is the one used through all the '60s: two individual volumes, master volume, two switches for pickup and tone selection, plus a stand-by. Headstock veneer is in black fiber instead of wood. Pickups are two great-sounding FilterTrons.
Conditions are more than excellent, with some neck and plating wear. Every detail is original, except for the stand-by switch tip (tip only, the switch is original). No binding damage, no action problems, neck is solid and straight. Killer sounding FilterTrons.
Two color original hardshell case with "Brooklyin - Chicago" placque.
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