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sunburst,  100% original. Another great Fender classic, with all 1965 and pre-CBS specs, even though it has left the factory in the earliest months of 1966 (pots are dated February '66, and neck March '66). Everything is 100% original: finish, electronics, pickups, tuners, bridge and saddles, pots, knobs, logo, etc. etc. The neck has a fantastic feel, with its rare "C" width, the largest one in Fender's scale, and the beautiful rosewood fretboard - unbound and with pearl-dots - is in excellent condition. The back of the neck shows normal wear, and a beautiful flamed maple, really striking. Sunburst nitro finish is very cean, with some belt-buckle wear on the back (see pictures). Beautiful and intact tortoise-plastic pickguard, with finger-rest. The pickup and bridge covers are missing. One of the two knobs has worn chrome-plating. Tuners and logo are perfect. Great big sound! First owner glued a little metal star to the headstock top, and we chose to leave it there, since it's part of the instrument's history. It can be easily removed, nevertheless. Another sign of its long life is the black tolex original case with Fender logo, with a large painted-on Peace symbol and the owner's initials. This bass has been used with love and respect, and it's ready to play for many many more years to come.

p-bass - body1 - body2 - body3 - back - body back - headstock - in case - neck date - neck pocket - bridge - pickup - knobs - flame - logo - pots - wear - caseginal condition!!