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jetglo (black). The Deluxe version of '60s Rickenbackers, with all the high-end appointments: round-edge body (typical of post-64 360s) with checkered binding on back, bound rosewood fretboard with 'crushed-pearl' inlays, bound slash sound-hole, Rick-O-Sound circuitry with double hack socket for a simulated stereo effect (actually the two pickups can go to two separate amps, or can be wired together through the "standard" jack socket). All original/near mint condition, just one or two dings and a few millimeters area on the back of the neck where a very small piece of black has gone away. Individual Kluson Deluxe tuners, two "toaster" pickups, chrome "R" tailpiece. All-original hardware and electronics, pots are all dated 1967. Beautiful original black and silver tolex case. 

More pics below:

body1 - body2 - body3 - back - headstock - inlay - binding1 - binding2 - jack - pots - hardware - tuner - case