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from my personal collection. Featured on italian magazine Guitar Club June 2004 issue, pages 76-77. Nickel plated brass body with sanded hawaiian scenes, 12 fret round neck. The nicest version of the Style 0, the one with the  'rolled-in f-holes' and the ribbed cover-plate. Structurally solid, this guitar is in excellent conditions both in function and look and has the typical loud and sweet sound of brass-bodied Nationals. Perfect ebony fretboard with pearl dots and new frets. Original and well preserved logo. Original cone. On the flip-side of the cover-plate somebody etched "WS AUG 1934", maybe the original owner.
Many pictures online: we have tried to document beauty and originality, but also the flaws: a dent on the lower body rim (
dent); the bridge cover re-soldered to the cover plate (cover); the replaced binding on the treble-side of the fretboard (binding); the back of neck probably sanded to wood and then oversprayed (neck) with a non-original strap button and a hole from another button now removed (neckjoint). Tuners: these are Klusons, and rivets instead of screws reveal they are from the late '30s or early '40s, so they are not the ones originally installed; probably the guitar has been used for a while as a straight hawaiian lap-guitar, as a string-raiser mark behind the nut suggests, and tuners were reversed upside down with the buttons towards the headstock front for an easier access: now they are in the correct position and there is a small hole visible right above the plate from the old reverse position (see tuners).
You know we love to describe avery flaw with the greatest care... but now let's talk about how beautiful and rare this guitar is! Nickel is shiny, sanded drawings are clear, sound is fantastic, conditions are stunning for its age. 
Sorry, no case at the moment, we hope to locate one soon.
More pictures below:

body1 - body2 - body3 - back - body back - cone  - well - cover - cover2 - headstock - dent - tuners - binding - neck - neckjoint