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cherry red. We haven't had too many SGs in the past few years, but the ones we've had were all great guitars: this one is no exception! Light and resonant mahogany body, one-piece mahogany neck, small headstock with old-style pre-pantograph logo with open b and o, rosewood fretboard. The latter has the classic trapezoid inlays and the very special feature of the Gretsch-style zero fret. Original and untouched "Patent Number" humbuckers, all the four pots have the same date stamped, 52nd week of 1968. Lyre Vibrola, tune-o-matic bridge with nylon saddles, "top-hat" knobs, Kluson Deluxe 'double line - double ring' tuners with D-169400 patent #. In other words logo, construction and hardware are typical mid-60s features. 
Excellent conditons: an original and beautiul guitar, which shows normal traces of constant use: lots of neck wear (clearly shown in the pictures below), some finish checking on body, neck and headstock, good refret job, a few nicks and dings, the heavier of which runs from the back pots cover to the lower side. Said that, it is a very nice, solid, huge-sounding and original guitar, ready to play live.
Serial number suggests three possible dates: 1966, 67, 69. Clearly it's not a late '66 as we can see from the knobs style and the lower position of the crown headstock inlay, as introduced in '67. And pots date tells it's not a '67 either. The mid '60s style logo and December '68 pots date both suggest late 1968 or very early '69 as date of production. 
Nice action and great sustain rich of harmonics, thanks to a perfect intonation and two very hot pickups. Yes, it sounds like an SG and not like a Les Paul, but with a special heat we have rarely found in a "little devil", unless he was coming up directly from hell. 
Very nice original hardshell case, black with Gibson logo.

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