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Dark Red/Walnut. Among all the versions of the Custom, this one may not be the prettiest or most sought-after one, but surely is the rarest. Produced only for a very short time between 1971 and 1972, just the same period that saw the SG Standard become the Deluxe, of which this Custom shares many features: pickups are three humbuckers with Patent Number sticker and embossed Gibson logo on the metal cover, typical of the period; controls are on a large plastic plate, identical to the one found on the Deluxe; the tailpiece is a horseshoe Bigsby-style vibrato with Gibson logo; pickguard has a Les Paul-style shape. Chronologically, this version stands between the late '60s Custom with large pickguard, small tune-o-matic and Lyre-Vibrola, and the '70s version with wing-shaped guard and large tune-o-matic with a rectangular housing.
Besides Bigsby and embossed pickup covers, all the hardware is still '60s style, with small tune-o-matic with retaining wire, 'top-hat' knobs, 'Super Kluson' tuners. In full Custom-style, the beautiful fretboard is made of ebonly with large pearl-block inlays, headstock has multi-ply binding with pearl pantograph logo and split-diamond inlay. All-mahogany body and three piece laminate neck, with volute and made-in-USA on the headstock back.
Excellent overall conditions, some checking on the body, a few nicks and dings, gold-plating wear on metal parts, nice warm color halfway between a dark red and brown walnut. Pefect and solid structural conditions, no cracks, straight neck with easy action. The sound offers interesting alternatives to the classic LP sounds, due to the mahogany body and the three pickups.
Original hardshell case.

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