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Two tone sunburst. Absolutely gorgeous maple-neck Strat: an exceptional guitar, with 100% original parts, a killer sound and one of the prettiest flamed necks I have ever seen! 
Two-piece, light and deeply contoured alder body, very resonant, dated August '57. Finish in is excellent conditions on the top, with some edge-wear, light checking and heavy belt-buckle wear on the back, down to the wood. Alder wood shows some knots, not so usually seen on '50s Stratocasters, visible both on the back and under the pickguard next to the middle pickup cavity, where the knot 'came off' probably during the routing process and was sealed with grey filler, probably when the body was painted. The '50s-style typical four 'clamping holes', are clearly visible and have been shown in 4 individual pictures.
The neck has the so-much-loved V-profile, is dated September '57, and the professionally refretted fretboard shows wear; the back of the neck is clean, and shows some wear only on the edges. Maple is very flamed, spectacular, especially under direct light. Small headstock is flamed too on both sides, and features a very clean Spaghetti logo. Here you can see the only flaws of the guitar: on the headstock face there is a plugged and touched-up hole from an old additional string retainer; on the headstock back you can barely see, next to the Klusons' gear-boxes, six small touched-up holes from other tuners installed for a while. Really not too visible unless you look closely. We have tried to document both flaws in the best possible way in the pictures below. Tuners are the original Kluson Deluxe single-lines, with patent # D-169400, and so now the guitar is back to full originality. 
Electronics are 100% original and untouched: three black bottom pickups, three-way selector switch, capacitor, three pots all dated 46th week of 1957, wiring, jack socket, everything is intact and unmolested. Original plastic parts, pickup covers, pickguard and knobs, original bridge and saddles. The guitar comes with all the original accessories: bridge cover, vibrato arm, back cover! 
Excellent action, beautiful fretboard feel, no adjustment is needed and the guitar is ready to play. Breath-taking sound, loud and balanced pickups. No pots oxidation problems, three-way operation is smooth and allows to get the 'middle' position sounds with no hassles. 
Original tweed hardshell case, Koylon brand inside, in fully functional conditions with all latches working, but very worn... gorgeous, though!

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