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two-tone sunburst. Welcome back to Fender's Olympus! Ash body, contoured in a masterly way, an extraordinary example of what  'contour body' orignally should be. This is an especially interesting instrument, which features many transitional peculiarities of the earliest-production models and later ones: body is dated April '56, and neck May '56; neck date is preceded by XA initials, and it's one of the very last Fender guitars with the name of the worker who shaped the neck (a rule until '55...  XA initials are known, see Duchossoir's  Fender Telecaster book, but they haven't been associated to an identified worker, for example: TG/Tadeo Gomez). All the parts (knobs, pickup covers) are still in bakelite, but neck already has a slight 'v'-shape, which would become more evident since '57. Tuners are Kluson Deluxes,  the earliest 'single line' we have seen. Pots, code 304 6 05, are Stackpole, fifth week of '56, and one has been replaced in the '60s by a '65 CTS (137 65 49). Except for this pot and for a pro-refret, the guitar is absolutely original in every detail: Spaghetti Logo, black-bottom pickups, 3-way selector switch, circuitry, shielding, bridge with Fender Pat. Pend. saddles (vibrato arm is missing), and - of course - finish. Conditions, as you can see from the pictures, are more than excellent: top is in great shape, normal  checking and a few nicks here and there, but finish is intact. White-plastic pickguard has a small broken piece next to one screw. On the back, typical 'belt-buckle wear', and a little more checking and scatches, some edge-wear, but really a great-looking guitar, no breaks or repairs, really a clean one.   We took off some rust from tuners, still a little rust on bridge-plate and saddles. Very light clear overspray to protect logo and neck's original finish which shows some sign of playing wear (no overspray on body). 
Sound: the three pickups are perfectly balanced, and the guitar sounds incredible (even unplugged!). Light-weight and smooth countoured-body, and a great voice, make of it a 6-string jewel.... add to the package an original tweed case (a couple hinges should be fixed... but what a look!!!!), original leather strap, and a '50s cable... There is enough for a serious musician/collector, isn't it?
For many more pictures, click on the following links (one at a time, please):
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