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two-tone sunburst . The best '50s Stratocaster we have had, in incredible condition, Near Mint, all original. Take your time in looking at the pictures, we have placed many online. Typical '57 V-shaped neck in  medium-flamed maple, dated September '57, two-piece alder body  (very nicely figured, 'ash-looking') dated August '57 in middle pickup cavity. Serial number has typical '57 hyphen. Pots all dated 23rd week of 1957,  Stackpole brand (code is 304 7 23). Original circuitry, including three-way switch, capacitor, wires, shielding.... Finish is original and in outstanding condition: a few dings (which we tried to show in pictures), very little wear, unfaded color. This guitar hasn't been exposed to sunlight too much, so also the maple neck is in really excellent shape, although it shows some wear especially in the 'first positions'. Knobs and pickup covers have some yellowing, although this detail cannot be seen clearly enough in the pictures you'll find below. Headstock features early-style 'Spaghetti logo' with no patent numbers, tuners are 'single-line' Kluson Deluxe, which in '57 replaced no-brand-name Klusons. Knobs, black bottom-plate pickups, pickguard, pots, bridge with Fender Pat. Pend. saddles, everything is original and in excellent shape. No rust on metal parts. Guitar has been professionally refretted, and has a great playability. Sound is outstanding, and although this instrument is in museum-condition, it NEEDS to be played! Add to this package the original bridge cover, original tremolo arm and even original strap... and a beautiful early-60s brown tolex case. 
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