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sunburst, another 100% original guitar, in  excellent- condition, with some honest playing wear. Neck dated January 63, body 8/63 in vibrato springs cavity. The body has early-'63 specs, with pickguard screw in central position between pickups. Rosewood fretboard, professionally refretted, small headstock and of course 'Spaghetti logo'. Light clear overspray on the neck only.  Kluson Deluxe 'single-line' tuners in excellent shape. Three-ply celluloid pickguard with classic greenish color ('Green Guard'), with a small crack near the neck pickup. Plastic parts have yellowed through the years. Those color shadings are not visible enough in the pictures, but are very easy to see 'live'. All original electronics, pots all dated '63,  Stackpole brand, original three-way switch, everything untouched.  Bridge with Fender Pat. Pend. saddles, vibrato arm, vibrato spring-cavity cover and bridge cover: all original parts. Finish is good on top, with normal traces of playing wear, and is worn down to the wood under the right arm position. In the back, lots of belt-buckle wear, but the guitar is in overall solid condition, with no structural flaw and no cracks . This Strat has a special sound... and shows why many consider  '63  as one of the best years for such instruments. Great classic pre-CBS Stratocaster look, a fascinating and all original guitar.... It comes with its original brown tolex hardshell case. 
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