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sunburst, transition logo, large headstock,  100 % original, untouched solderings, original black tolex hardshell case. Neck date December '65, pots date 32nd week '65 (Stackpole), serial number 112xxx,  pickups dated Jan 7, 66. It is one of the earliest Stratocaster with the big headstock introduced in December 65, and probably left the factory in January 66. Excellent conditions, just a few worn spots and dings, and a very light checking. Finish in escellent conditions.  Kluson deluxe double-line tuners,  Fender Pat-Pend. bridge saddles, original vibrato arm, 3-way switch, every detail is perfect and original. Very little crack in the pickguard near one screw, but it's really small. Frets and fretboard show some wear around 2nd-3rd fret, but are in overall excellent shape. Very good playability, and I plan to file, level and polish frets to make it even better.  Tolex case in in excellent shape as well. For many more detailed pictures, please click on the following links one at a time:

  w_case1 - w_case2 - body1 - body2 - body3 - back - bodyback - circuitry - pots - selector - knobs - bridge - jack - pickups - headstock - headstkback - tuners - neckdate - neckpocket - wear1 - wear2 - wear3 - checking - frets