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natural, 'Staggered pole' pickups, one-piece maple neck. Figured ash body, really light for '70s standards. All-original guitar: '73 serial number, and this date is confirmed by pots' code, which says 45th week of '73, CTS. Neck bears a 0903 (maple) 4343 code, and U.Torres name. Original shielding, original 3-way switch, pickups with staggered poles already dated '74 (two are 1824 74 and one is 2324 74); under the pickguard there is a 'blond' stamp, which designated natural finish instruments. A very fine guitar, in fantastic conditions, just a few dings on the back, and some lacquer wear on the fingerboard, which is very smooth. Excellent sound. Non-original hardshell case.
More pictures are here:

body - back - neck - headstock - staggered pole - tilt neck - pickups - body2 - pots