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Blond, maple-cap neck. A beautiful 100% original guitar, exceptionally light and in excellent conditions.
The ash body still has the pre-'68 features, with diagonal wiring route, see-through blond finish and a very light weight. The nitro-finished maple neck has the very sought-after maple-cap fingerboard. Everything on this guitar is absolutely original and untouched. The headstock has the black logo and the CBS-era Fender tuners; original nut and original frets, which have been leveled a few times but are still good enough for playing. Both neck and fretboard show heavy playing wear, which gives this Tele a very nice vintage feel. The body's finish has yellowed a bit in the exposed areas and shows normal playing wear along the edges and a few nicks and dings on the top, behind the bridge and next to the pickguard. Both top and back, however, are in very clean conditions. The chrome-plated hardware show some rust, especially on the two knobs.  Original bridge with grooved saddles. The circuitry is untouched with two '66 pots, a three-way CRL selector switch, and two great sounding pickups with virgin solder-joints. The bridge pickup is dated august '68, just like the neck's base.
The guitar has a very nice feeling neck, straight and comfortable, thanks to a rounded profile and a low action. The sound is the classic mid-60s hot Tele sound, sharp but never thin, powerful, definite and aggressive. 
All in all, a very nice vintage Telecaster, ready for your gigs, with the light weight and "right" look which cannot be found in later guitars. The only differences from a '65-'66 are in the logo, the tuners and the bridge saddles.... and, of course, the price! But if in a vintage guitar you are looking for the nitty-gritty, here you have tons of it: originality, sound, look. 
This Telecaster comes with its original black tolex case with Fender logo in excellent conditions. 

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