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'Walnut': Extremely interesting Gretsch! Born as the low-end model in Chet Atkins line,  6119 Tennessean has gained through the years a solid reputation among musicians and collectors, due to George Harrison's un-declared  endorsement , and most of all for its musical qualities: light and thin (2") archtop, with fake f-holes and unmistakebly Gretsch single-cutaway shape, stock V-Cutout Bigsby, 3/8" bar bridge with ebony base, rosewood fretboard, circuitry in the classic Chet Atkins style with two volume controls, master, tone and pickup selector,  stand-by switch. Pickups are Hi-Lo Trons single-coil. Headstock has a chrome plate with model's name.
The guitar you see here is a  true rarity, because of thumbprint inlays on both sides of the fretboard: it's identical to the guitar described as 'one-of-a-kind' in Jay Scott's book (page 203), and it is the second documented example with this feature!!! It also has beutifully figured woods, unlike many 'Tennys', and is in exceptionally fine conditions. Neck-heel plastic has some deterioration, but the rest of the binding is perfect. Pickguard has the typical crack next to the screw, but is solid and original. The only flaw I see is one replaced button of the original Van Ghent tuners (button only, not the complete tuner)...  The hardshell case is the original one.

in_case - body1 - body2 - body3 - body4 - back - headstock - bridge - fretboard