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natural. The original first version of the Thinline, along with Paisley and Floral Blue, is the only CBS-era Telecaster to be considered a CLASSIC. Its prices in the US are going up to the sky, and this can explain why it has been reissued by Fender. This guitar is from the first year of production: neck date November 1968, pickup date 1968 (stamped code 5 46 8), pots date 1966 (like many late '60s Fenders). Breath-taking figured ash body! 'Maple-cap' neck. The guitar is in excellent condition, and fully original in every detail: from "F" tuners to solder-joints, from body and neck finish to the knobs, from black logo without 'Thinline' to wiring, from the bridge to the pickups. The pearloid plastic pickguard has a small worn area where the pearl-look has been taken off by pickwear, and there is some darkening in the maple of the fretboard. Finish is original and in great shape, just some checking and a very small area of belt-buckle wear on the back. Somebody had added a second string-retainer on the headstock, but it has been removed and the small screw-hole has been professionally plugged. You wouldn't have noticed if i didn't tell you. Standard Telecaster circuitry. A very precious guitar, really exceptional and ready to play! Original hardshell case with Fender logo. More pictures below, please open them one at a time:  

thinline - body1 - body2 - body3 - back - body back1 - body back2 - headstock - neck date - neck pocket - fretboard - pots - electronics - neck pickup - bridge pickup1 - bridge pickup2 - bridge pickup3