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VOX MARK VI trardrop, 1964-67

Built in Italy by Eko, the tear-drop Vox model is one of the symbols of the '60s beat era. But these are much more than "conversation-pieces"... they are great guitars with a strong personality and a different sound. The one you see here has all-original parts, tuners, knobs, pickups, pickguard (with worn logo) and is finished in sunburst. Excellent conditions, except for two small repairs clearly shown in the pictures.  As you can see here (headstock2), two maple plugs have been inserted in the headstock side to stabilize a laminate seam separation. It's a professional repair, very well-done, and there was not a crack anyway so the headstock is 100% solid. The other reapir is here (knobs): the jack-socket was relocated on the guitar top and now it has been taken back to its original position and the hole on the top has been plugged. The guitar comes with an old hardshell case, but we don't know if it's original or not.

voxw in case - front - body - back - body back - pickups  - headstock - headstock2 - knobs - bridge - tuners


Thanks to Stefano Aria of www.fetishguitars.com for the informations about the date of production.