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the model created to celebrate 25th year of the Les Paul guitar,  and 50th year of Les Paul's career. With its typical headstock inlay and chrome/gold hardware, the 25/50 is really a special guitar, which helped a lot Gisbson's name and reputation through rather difficult years:  ebony fretboard with Super 400-style inlays, medium-flamed maple top, flamed maple neck, stock split-coil selector switch, brass nut and tune-o-matic. Natural finish is not the most classic on 25/50 LPs, but surely is the rarest. This instrument's top has beautiful vertical grain crossed by medium-intensity flames (I hope this shows well from pictures), and neck is heavily flamed. Weight is not too much, sound is fine, conditions are excellent and it comes with its original hardshell case.
top1 - top2 - top3 - in case - head - back - neck