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GRETSCH 6120, 1961

The single cutaway version of the 6120 model is one of the most sought after of all the vintage guitars, and the guitar you see here is one of the very last ever built. It is exceptionally rare and has many transitional features, and most of all it is a gorgeous, all-original, and great-sounding old Gretsch.
The 16" wide single cutaway maple body is 2" 1/4 (5.7 cm) deep. Inside of the body there is the feedback-reducing "sound-post" typical of all late 50s - early 60s 6120s. The 1960-style features include:  neo-classic ebony fretboard with thumbprint inlays, zero fret, horseshoe headstock inlay, T-Roof logo, two FilterTron pickups,  G-arrow knobs,  straight bar bridge with ebony base, Gretsch by Bigsby "V-cutout" vibrato tailpiece, oval-button Grover Sta-Tite tuners.
Nevertheless there are many innovations which relate this guitar to the thinner double cutaway model introduced later that year. Electric circuitry, still with individual and master volme controls and two switches (tone and pickup selction), features also the stand-by switch, which makes this 6120 almost a one-of-a-kind example (only two other guitars like this have been reported to exist). The golden pickguard with Chet Atkins signature hasn't the signpost logo anymore, and is exactly the same kind you'll see on the double-cutaway. Furthermore, the neck has a reduced depth at the heel compared to earlier versions, and is dimensioned to be installed on a thin body, with the neck-dowel inserted on the side. And also the brighter orange color, far from being the reddish orange of the typical single-cut, is the same found on the double-cuts.
Everything in this guitar makes us think of an instrument built when Gretsch production line was already directed to building the double cutaway 6120, with electronics, pickguard, neck and finish of the new version installed on an 'old-style' single cutaway body. 
Said that, the guitar is exceptional, sounds terrific, and has perfect neck angle and action: no belt-buckle wear and almost no wear at all on the body, wih only some light playing wear on the back of the neck. Some gold-plating is worn on FilterTron covers, knobs and tuner buttons. All original parts, except for two tuner screws and two knob fixing screws. Binding is in excellent shape, but the neck-heel plastic veneer is missing. Original and very nice Gretsch hardshell case.
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