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GRETSCH 6120 Chet Atkins Hollowbody, 1962

orange. The double cutaway "Electrotone" version of the 6120 was introduced in late 1961, so this guitar belongs to the first year of production. Perfect and 100% original conditions. Just some gold-plating wear on tuner buttons and pickup covers, very light finish checking, otherwise a mint condition guitar! 
The hollow maple body has fake f-holes, and features a totally new circuitry with the stand-by switch. Classic Gretsch electronics with individual and master volume controls plus tone and pickup selector switches. Another knob controls the lever-operated mute. The clear plastic gold pickguard still features the Chet Atkins signature but with no "signpost logo". On the back you can see the back-pad hiding the cover of the access to the electronics and mute levers. This version still has the nice horseshoe headstock inlay, the G-arrow knobs, two killer-sounding FilterTron pickups, an easy-playing ebony fingerboard with thumbprint inlays, the zero-fret, the classic straight-bar bridge, the renforcement neck dowel and the Gretsch-by-Bigsby V-cutout vibrato tailpiece. 
Absolutely NO dings, no buckle wear, no binding problems, no color fading, mild flames on headstock and neck maple woods: simply exceptional!! Great musical value, great collectible guitar in unreal conditions.
It comes with the beautiful original hardshell case

6120a - body1 - body2 - body3 - back - body back - headstock - in case - hardware1 - hardware2 - hardware3 - dowel - pickup1 - pickup2 - tuner - flame - case