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GIBSON ES 175 D, 1963

Sunburst. Another wonderful archtop from Gibson's Golden Age, the McCarty-era. Such instruments made a Legend of the Kalamazoo-built guitars! Light finish checking, but other than that the guitar's conditions are absolutely perfect, both cosmetically and functionally. The humbuckers are early "Patent Numbers", which differ from the older PAFs only for the numbers written on the black label, but are basically the same type of unit, with the same specifications (and sound!). Rosewood bridge, old-style nickel hardware,  Kluson DeLuxe single-line / double-ring tuners. Excellent fretboard, and nicely rounded neck. A real masterpiece, and if you love these guitars you have to try this one. Beautiful sound!!! Excellent original hardshell case. 

175 - body1 - body2 - body3 - in case - back - body back - headstock - hardware - pickups - tuner