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GIBSON J-200, 1969

Cherry Sunburst. The Queen of Gibson's Flat Tops, with large dimentions, graceful shape, rich curves, flashy pickguard... and powerful, warm sound, which makes of it the ideal strumming guitar for the singer/guitarist. Many musicians have used it in a very different way - among others, Rev. Gary Davis - but the J-200 is the king of the strumming guitars for every music style, from folk to pop, from bluegrass to rock and roll. And the look.... boys, that look! Hang it on your shoulder for two minutes... and you'll be instantly Elvis! 
This guitar is 100% original and comes from the last months of Gibson's pre-Norlin era: it has many transitional features typical of that period: The pickguard is fixed to the top with small screws, the bridge hasn't anymore the heavy and infamous (for the flat-tops) tune-o-matic, but a simple height-adjustable ebony saddle on a large ebony bridge plate with pearl inlays: neither the old-style open moustache-bridge, nor the butterfly-shaped rosewood plate used in the '70s. Beautiful and original 'Super' Kluson tuners. Fantastic woods: spruce top, flamed maple back, neck and sides. Neck is in three pieces with two darker laminated stripes. Rosewood fretboard with large crown pearl inlays and pointed end. The maple used for this instrument is really gorgeous. The back's bookmatched maple pieces are separated by the typical wood marquetry stripe. The neck is rounded but not too big, the volute-free headstock's back is painted in black. The guitar's finish is a stunningly beautiful cherry sunburst.
The Gibson logo is still the '60s pre-pantograph style with no-dot "i", and the headstock crown inlay is still in the pre-67 higher position. In other words, this J-200 has nothing in common with later Norlin era guitars, heavy and indestructible, maybe, but rigid and with no sound. 
Perfect structural conditions. No warping, no cracks, no bridge lifting, straight neck. Some finish checking both on top and back. As you can see from the
scratch picture, the only flaw is a very small area where the finish is damaged, but the guitar is in overall excellent-plus condition.
Frets show some wear but are in good shape, action is fantastic, sound is strong, loud and bassy. This gorgeous J-200 comes in a new TKL hardshell case as used for recent-production Gibsons, perfectly fitting and in excellent condition. The case lock's combination? Of course it is... 200!)

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