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Sunburst. One more pre-CBS Stratocaster, 100% original. Small headstock, spaghetti logo, gorgeous intact green-guard, clay-dots, black-bottom pickups, original 3-way selector switch, pre L series serial number (95xxx), neck date June 1963. Two pots are marked 304 6320 (May '63) and the third one is identical but has no code stamped on the cover. Original bridge with "Fender Pat. Pend." saddles,  original Kluson Deluxe single-line tuners, Switchcraft jack socket. Normal playing wear, heavier under the right arm position where the sunburst has faded to yellow and bare wood.. The back is very very clean. Normal edge wear on the body. Rust on the bridge saddles, and the logo shows wear in the 'Stratocaster' part, while the spaghetti-style Fender is clear and clean. The neck has the legendary '63 profile, with normal playing wear on the back, and the fretboard has been professionally refretted (more than excellent job!) and shows heavy wear in the bazilian rosewood board, which does not affect perfect playability in any way. Great action and very easy to play, perfect new frets will let you play with no effort at all! You know we only bring great sounding guitars, and this one is no exception: loud, balanced and aggressive in all three switch positions. Everything is still there: tremolo arm, bridge cover, spring cover (a little rough but original).  Complete with an early black tolex original hardshell case.
It's harder every day to find these guitars, at least in the no-compromise no-excuses conditions we require. It may take some time to find the right guitar, and we are in no hurry at all.... But when a pre-CBS Strat finally hits our list, you can be sure it's a good one! 

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