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FENDER JAZZMASTER Fiesta Red - gold hware, '64

a really rare and collectible pre-CBS custom-color Fender.  Neck date April 1964, pots date 1964 (one is Stackpole, one CTS), 'L' serial number, clay-dots, "green guard". Excellent condition, with original hardshell case. The color is very well preserved, not faded at all, just a few small dings where under the Fiesta Red you can see the white undercoat and the wood. Really nothing too big. Finish shows some checking, but is solid and is not flaking off. Gold-plating is in excellent conditions, just a little more faded on the neck-plate. Kluson Deluxe "single-line" tuners, gold-plated of course. Typical early-60s "green" plastic guard is intact. Untouched electronics, absolutely perfect. Vibrato arm is missing. A very clean and all-original guitar: one of the rarest Fenders we have had, and this is really an investment, because you see everywhere prices of custom-color Jazzmasters going higher and higher. Fiesta Red is one of the most sought-after colors .... And this one has also the unique feature of custom-ordered gold hardware! More pictures, please open them one at a time: 

jazzm - in case - body - body back1 - body back2 - headstock - neck date - neck pocket - electronics1 - electronics2 - pots - tuners