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sunburst, near-mint. Pearl-dot bound fretboard, typical of 1965, neck date September '65. Potentiometers are marked 304 6612 (march '66). Finish is in almost perfect condition, just a couple of dings, but no wear at all, no belt-buckle marks, no fading in the color. Some light checking on neck and headstock. Untouched electronics.  Chrome parts are like new. The flip-up mute is in great shape, and its rubber has not deteriorated. "F"-logo original tuners, introduced in Jaguars & Jazzmasters in '66 (one year earlier than Strats and Teles): '65 necks still have unthreaded holes drilled for Kluson screws, so the lowest one was plugged at the factory when they began installing "F" tuners. We have inspected these tuners to verify that there is no Kluson-shaped mark in the wood underneath, and we can confirm that these tuners are the only ones ever installed on this guitar (see pic). For more pictures, please click on the links below, one at a time: 

body1 - body2 - body3 - back - body back - headstock - mute - neck date - electronics1 - electronics2 - pots - fretboard - tuner