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sunburst, 100% original.  A fantastic Jazz Bass with pre-CBS features, unbound rosewood fretboard with pearl dots,  "L" serial number. Neck date June 1965, pots date 18th week of '65. Untouched original electronics,  from the pickups to the Switchcraft jack socket, form the wiring to the ceramic capacitor. Tortoise plastic pickguard, early style tuners (the reverse style, you know). Everything is in full working order and original, bridge, knobs, strap buttons. Normal playing wear on the back and edges (see pics), but nitro finish is in overall more than good conditons; sunburst is much brighter in the areas covered for years by the bridge-cover, and is darker on the rest of the body, but it's all original with some checking (shown in the pics below). The back of the neck clearly shows 40 years of playing, it's dark and smooth, with the great feel you would expect from a '65 Jazz Bass. Both pickups are great, and deliver the sound that has become the standard by which all other basses are judged. Power, warmth, definition, depht... the classic of classics for yesterday's and today's music. The only modification is the trace of two little holes due to a different placing of the finger-rest for some time, above the pickguard, which we have shown in the holes picture. The only other flaw is that both covers (pickup and bridge) are lost.  More than excellent playability, great action and fretboard, original nut.  An exceptional find for sound, playability, originality. More pics online:

jbass 65 - body1 - body2 - body3 - back - body back - headstock - in case - neck date - neck pocket - neck - bridge - pickups1 - pickups2 - holes - checking - knobs - tuner - logo - pots - wear - case