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sunburst. A great sounding bass, with interesting transitional features which place it halfway between early CBS era and late '60s.  The "A" neck with block-markers and binding is dated April 1969 and has the typical late-60s poyester finish. Body still has the classic nitrocellulose three-tone sunburst used until early '68. Maybe the bass has been assembled in 1969 with a brand new neck and an earlier factory-stored 1968 body; my personal opinion, also due to the low 22xxxx '68 serial number, is that this is a '68 instrument which has been fitted with an A neck just before shipping (in '69) upon request of the customer or dealer who needed a slimmer neck. Anyway, the bass is all original. Pots have the usual date of the 42nd week of '66, since they come from the very large stock purchased by CBS Fender and used through all the late '60s. Original pickups, F tuners, tortoise plastic pickguard, bridge and saddles,  thumb-rest, bridge cover, etc. For a few months a new bridge (Schaller?) was installed, but the old original bridge is back in place and covers any trace of the two additional holes. So, why do I tell you this, since nothing can be seen? Well, you know my style, and maybe that's the reason why you are on this page right now. The front pickup cover is missing (flawless repros are available, anyway), and there is no case but a new gig-bag instead. Excellent overall conditions, great sound and playability, everything works fine. Cosmetically, there is some rust on the tuners, and normal playing wear in the nitro finish of the body (see pictures). 
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