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Sunburst.  A great pre-CBS Stratocaster in excellent and all-original condition. Small headstock, spaghetti logo, green-guard, clay-dots, black-bottom pickups with no date-stamp, 3-way selector switch, everything perfectly original down to the untouched solder-joints. Serial number is L22xxx, neck date is August 1963, all pots read 304 6403 (january 64): that means a '63 guitar which was shipped from the factory in January '64, with 100% '63 features, including serial #. Fantastic neck, well played-in, with a flamey neck which reveals some bird-eye too. I am not sure about the originality of frets, which have the correct size and section and are perfectly installed with no evident signs of any refret job. Beautifully rosewood fretboard, thick as it was 40 years ago! To-die-for greenish-white celluloid pickguard that has a broken pointed-end and the typical crack at the pickup screw, and this is the only flaw of the guitar (but please note that the bridge and vibrato-springs cover are missing). Original bridge with "Fender Pat. Pend." saddles. Gorgeous nitro sunburst. Hidden by the pickguard, there is a circular aerograph stain, which nobody bothered to sand out before the last layer of clear nitrocellulose lacquer was applied, and still stands as a "secret" identification sign of the guitar (of course invisible unless the guard is taken off)... just like that birthmark of your loved one which only you know. Kluson Deluxe single-line tuners, Switchcraft jack socket, what more can I say? All original means all original, no compromise. Excellent conditions, no belt-buckle wear through the finish. Some wear on the top under the player's right arm, and some edge-wear (especially on the lower side of the body) that did go through the finish. We have tried to document that in the pictures. Some nicks and dents here and there, but the guitar is in overall excellent shape. About sound: you should give this baby a try! Really great, all the three pickups are fantastic. The instrument's beauty is completed by the rare white tolex original hardshell case typical of '63, in good conditions (the case inside pocket is missing). 

strat63 - in case - body1 - body2 - body3 - back - body back - bridge - knobs - neck date - neck pocket - headstock - neck - circuitry - pickups1 - pickups2 - pots - selector - jack - tuner - body cavity 1 - body cavity 2 - stain - logo - wear 1 - wear 2 - case