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Sunburst. A perfect mid-60s Fender in 100% original and excellent condition. A few data: neck is dated January '66, pots are all dated '66 (137 6624), pickups are dated 18 April of '66 (date can be read on two of the three units), serial number 169xxx on the 4-bolt F neck-plate. Transition Logo in good condition on a large headstock (January '66 was the second month of the large headstock). Three-layer white pickguard in excellent shape, original like all the other plastic parts, knobs and switch tip. Pearl dots on a very beautiful brazilian rosewood fretboard, probably refretted in undectectable way. Original Kluson Deluxe double-line tuners, no extra holes, no other tuners ever installed. Original bridge with Pat. Pend. saddles, original electronics including pickups, potentiometers, jack socket and three-way selector switch.
Original sunburst finish, no touch-ups whatsoever. Typical checking and some body edge wear, a little wear on the back, some color fading, especially the red in the central area of the top, as you can see from the comparison with the areas protected from the sunlight by the pickguard. Neck shows some playing wear and checking on the headstock front. This guitar is in overall excellent condition, all original and with much less wear than the average... in other words, a no-excuses guitar which will make the hard-core collector happy and satisfied. And the musician? Well, the guitar sounds great with volume, attack and sustain, with easy action and great playability, and all the features that make of early CBS years one of Fender's golden eras. Give her a try, Sicily is not so far after all!
The guitar comes with the original black tolex case with Fender logo (underlined logo would suggest a '67 year rather than a '66, but often guitars and cases were coupled at the time of the final sale in the retail shop), with a red-faded-to-yellow lining. Many more pictures below, but remember to open them one at a time. 

front - in case - body1 - body2 - body3 - back - body back - headstock - board - logo - knobs - bridge - circuitry - pickup1 - pickup2 - pickup3 - body cavity - selector - pots1 - pots2 - neck date - neck pocket - tuners - jack - springs - wear1 - wear2 - wear3 - checking - case - case2