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Three tone Sunburst finish, 101% original, including frets. 
Two piece alder body dated February '58. The sunburst finish is one of the earliest three tones ever done by Fender. The red is not faded at all, and that's a rarity indeed. Finish is fully original and very clean on the top, with some body edge wear, some checking and belt-buckle wear wich goes down to the wood on the back. Overall finish conditions are excellent. The body shows three 'clamping holes' (nail holes resulting from the finishing process), clearly shown in the pictures below. There is nomore the lower horn nail-hole, discontinued in early '58.
The neck, dated May '58, shows a radical departure from the V-neck profile of '57 guitars, has a more flat/rounded and very comfortable shape, with original finish and not too much playing wear. Fretboard has the original finish as well with longitudinal checking and still very playable original frets, and shows some wear in the first positions. Both neck and headstock have a beautiful birdseye-grained maple wood, not so spectacular as the flames in the '57 shown above, but maybe even rarer. Original Spaghetti logo in good conditions, not perfect though.  Original Kluson Deluxe single-line tuners with D-169400 patent-number, no other tuners ever installed.
All original electronics: three black-bottom pickups with original rubber spacers, three-way selector switch, paper capacitor, pots, jack socket, wires.  Pots dates go from 15th to 23rd week of '57. All original plastic parts, pickup covers, pickguard, knobs. Original bridge with "pat pend" saddles.
An Ego excess couldnt keep the original owner's hand from scratching his name on the neck-base: now we know this moron's name was Herb, and probably the number etched on the trem inertia block is his own SSN number. 
The guitar is in perfect functional conditions, tuners and electronics work well, intonation and action were adjusted at our shop by luthier Salvatore Mancuso. Very light guitar, very loud and great sounding 
Original tweed case in great shape, very very clean.

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