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blond. Very nice and ultra-clean example of the second-version of the Custom, with the humbucker in the neck position and the classic Tele single coil at the bridge. All original guitar, in the not-so-often seen "Tele see-through blond" over a figured ash body. Maple neck, black CBS Fender logo, black pastic guard, amp-style knobs. Pots are all dated 1975 (two CTS and two Stackpoles), and serial number is in the 66xxxx series, on the three-bolt F neckplate with tilt-neck. Neck pocket bears two names, Pedro M. and R. Ayala, and another name (Justus?) is stamped in the body cavity under the guard, where there is also a signature of a previous owner dated '79. The lead Tele pickup sounds great, and the neck humbucker is strong and warm. Exceptionally clean, not heavy, and all-original 70s Fender, with a brand new Fender case.

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